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School Day during Trapper's Days 2013 brought kids into the Trader's tents. These kids are in the Trade Tent of "Noisy Bear." (All photos this Page courtesy of "Smoke Talker" unless otherwise noted.)


TD-13 Segundo "Rusty Flintlock" demonstrates Fire Starting for school kids after making a "bird's nest."


The "Comparison Horse" during a "Salute to the Fallen" Service Men & Women by the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West. The "backwards boots" in the stirrups symbolize that the Soldier is no longer able to actively ride or perform in Battle.


Buffalo Soldiers of the American West perform Riding Drills near Lancaster's Old Fort. Drills similar to these were common practice when the Buffalo Soldier Units were active through the 1870's. (Click on photos for a larger image.)


Buffalo Soldier Kenny Johnson rides his horse at full gallop to make his Shooting Drill performance.


After the school kids were through with their Rowing Drill, they had to pick up and "move the canoe around a waterfall" as did Lewis & Clark during their Western Exploration. (Photos were edited for Web viewing clarity)